Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week Four Question

Given that each person has a specific and different position; name one or two things you have learned from working in your specific area. What advice would you give to a person looking to do your job for a future show?


Sarah said...

As the sole surviving costumer, and the only person who didn't end up changing positions at least once, I learned a lot about pitching design ideas to an audience. My advice would be to read the script and research very thoroughly before and possibly even to come with several ideas on the chance that your first best ones aren't as popular.Also, as a costumer you HAVE to keep an ear and eye out for changes in other areas that can affect you- and if someting happens make sure to communicate effectively with the other designers to make sure somebody knows who's doing what. As a concessions person- be prepared to make more.

Sarah said...

Wait, I take it back.. there were a couple of people who didn't change jobs weren't here. Sorry!